Blockchain-Based Sharing Economy Of The Future

About Us

FOHO Work is the fractional ownership platform in the FOHO Ecosystem, for fractional ownership of commercial opportunities. It is a blockchain-based commercial real estate marketplace, that uses the FOHO Coin as the medium of transaction.

The blockchain-enabled system ensures that FOHO Coin holders are verified along with their holdings and they get the price they are entitled to. Holders also are incentivised to work for the collective good of their group, Club and the Ecosystem.


Corporate Headquaters
Retail spaces
Sports Team
Castles/Similar Homesteads
Farms/Agri plantations

The FOHO Ecosystem

The ecosystem is based on fractional sharing of real estate with fractional ownership of real estate as well as fractional sharing of real estate rentals and experiences coming soon. The 3 pillars of the FOHO Ecosystem include FOHO Haus which is a blockchain based residential fractional real estate marketplace, FOHO Work which is a blockhain based commercial fractional real estate marketplace and FOHO Club which allows tour operators, community leaders, property management companies to bring together a group of individuals to share assets that they collectively lease or rent out and create a governance model and rules for usage that is unique to the Club. FOHO Coin is a Blockchain-Based Sharing Economy Of The Future.



To purchase properties on FOHO Work, participate in the FOHO Coin IEO:

FOHO Coin is the crypto-currency that enables holders to participate in multiple ways in the real estate sharing economy of the future. The FOHO Coin represents an economic interest in the FOHO platform whose income streams include brokerage from fractional
sales of vacation/commercial properties (FOHO Haus/ FOHO Work) organisation fees from vacation Clubs (FOHO Club) operating on the platform and commissions from travel bookings from Members of the platform.


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Corporate Headquaters

Foho Holdings Inc.
130 Queens Quay East, Suite 601,
Toronto, ON, M5A 0P6